Plantation Shutters

  • Man-made thermoplastic polymer giving strength and resistance to temperature changes

    Are tested for high heat deflection temperature (HDT)
  • Resistant to ultra-violet, so colours will not fade

    Won't stain, easy to clean. Won't fade or yellow with sun exposure.
  • Versatile, colorful, and ready for all interiors – including kitchens and bathrooms that are prone to moisture

    Resists moisture, shrinking and warping
  • Affordable yet durable shutter

    Won't chip or crack over time. Comes with limited lifetime warranty as standard.

Hardwood For MDF Price!

  • Good quality timber for shutters is not cheap, but biowood PLUS® Shutters give you all benefits without the price tag!

    Hand-crafted in our workshops in whichever style, colour, and frame design
  • The panels are manufactured from premium hardwoods, the wood of Paulownia tree.

    Made up of a robust U-PVC frame and real hardwood shutter panels
  • The plain stile type reinforce the strength of the panel

    To ensure it doesn’t twist or warp over time
  • Chose from 20 Painted Colours

    Custom Bay Post Angles available

Wooden Plantation Shutters

  • Elegant, custom and completely unique to your windows

    Made from specially selected hardwood
  • Hand-crafted in our workshops for beauty and elegance

    Mortise and tenon joinery that resists to ensure long term integrity and durability
  • All the beauty of a piece of exquisite furniture

    Made of quarter sawn basswood to ensure generations of stability and durability
  • Best shutters money can buy!

    Made from premium hardwood that is treated with prescription wood conditioning

Aluminium Security Shutters

  • The strongest option of shutter material we have in our range and are known for their iron fisted secure nature

    This shutter is made from a powder coated, architectural grade, aluminium material
  • Best choice for those who are feeling security conscious

    Reliable sturdiness that is resistant to both nosey and active burglars
  • Multiple choices locks

    Aesthetically pleasing window treatment without compromising on security

Full Height View style Tier on Tier View style Bay Window View style Café Style View style Track View style Special Shape View style Solid Panels View style Shutter & Shade View style French Door View style

Affordable yet durable shutter. ecowood® Plantation Shutters comes with limited lifetime warranty as standard..

Manufactured of sustainable hardwoods with U-PVC frames, biowood PLUS® Shutters are best value for money.

Classic timeless appeal of real hardwood hand-crafted individually in our workshops - Supreme® Wooden Plantation Shutters.

EARTH® Aluminium Security Shutters offer a stylish and aestethically pleasing treatment without compromising security.

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